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About "Texas Maskuerade Party"

Acclaimed Western heritage artist Jack Terry has created a new masterpiece entitled, Texas Maskuerade Party, celebrating living legendary Texans all proudly wearing their themed Texas masks, and inspired by Gary P. Nunn’s non-partisan advocacy group launched last month. A limited edition giclée of the Texas Maskuerade Party will be signed and numbered by Jack Terry, and will be available for sale at texasmaskparty.org. The original oil painting will be auctioned off at a later date by Rob Burley from Burley Auction Gallery of New Braunfels. Proceeds from the sale will go to the Texas Maskuerade Party to continue the group's campaign on educating and encouraging Texans to wear a mask and socialize responsibly to win the fight against the COVID-19 virus.

The 30 x 36 painting brings together 63 living Texans from music, politics and sports, and a few beloved Texas monuments which can be viewed on The Texas Maskuerade website, along with a key to each Texan featured. According to Nunn, who kicked off the campaign on May 20th, “Jack was able to conceptualize exactly what we are doing with The Texas Maskuerade Party and in such an intuitive way. I’m so proud of Jack,” Nunn continued, “And honored that he painted this unique Western heritage masterpiece that not only captures this moment in time, but is truly a painting worth a thousand words. With this spirit we have a fighting chance to beat this invisible enemy. And all we have to do is cover our faces y’all to keep the business, music and people of this great state alive.”

Terry, a treasured Texas artist for over forty years and sought after by U.S presidents, heads of industry and celebrities alike, said, “I’m a big fan of Texas music and of Gary P. Nunn. I was inspired by Gary’s Texas Maskuerade Party campaign to educate and convince people of the importance of wearing masks and the idea that we are in danger of losing our historic music venues if we don’t find a way to make people feel safe. Wearing a mask is just common sense and is such a small sacrifice to make if we want to keep our Texas music heritage alive and our state open.”

About the Texas Maskuerade Party.

The Texas Maskuerade Party is a non-partisan advocacy group dedicated to educating and encouraging our fellow Texans during the COVID-19 outbreak. The Texas Maskuerade Party public awareness campaign includes messaging to gather and socialize responsibly, and to follow the guidelines outlined by local, state, and federal governments. The Texas Maskuerade Party initiatives include educating and encouraging Texans to protect each other by wearing a mask through public service announcements and social media campaigns. If Texans come together, they can beat this virus, and keep Texas music and Texas businesses alive.

Texas Maskuerade Party is here to remind you to Socialize Responsibly.

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Sizes Available: 36 x 30

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